#Eastern Mediterranean University-Turkey

Fee Structure:
-Bachelor's Degree: $4,300 to $4,600USD/year
-Master's Degree: $5,300 to $6,00USD/year (50% scholarship)
-Doctorate Degree: $2300/year (50% scholarship)
-Doctorate Degree: $0/year (100% scholarship)
-Accommodation Fee: $100 to $150USD/month

Important Notes:
1. Deposit Fees: All student must pay half of the tuition fees (This fee is paid to the university after receiving the initial admission letter)
2. Application Fee: $350 (Non-Refundable)
3. Transfer students are accepted
4. All Amount Mentioned are in Chinese Yuan
5. All above fee mentioned may change slight due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Best Regards,
Overseas Education College

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